APRIL 1, 2021

The following is no April Fool’s Joke but an offer to lighten your life should you wish to share images and documents in the future to family and friends. Friend Stuart Pembery, my IT guru, has started another business which mirrors Your Life, Your Story in no small part, the sharing of part of our lives.

Share your digital content with your loved ones and help them celebrate your digital legacy. Stuart will guide you through the easy-to-achieve steps for your photography and documents in one easy place to store and find. Reach out to Stuart on mydigitallegacy.org

March, 2021

Now that we can feel change in the air, both seasonally and the lifting of Covid restrictions, we feel as if we are emerging, chrysalis-like, into a new world, a world of getting on with tasks we have not have had the motivation to achieve. Brain fog is the popular concept of this feeling of non-action and felt by many, waiting for the moment to fly. Many people in lockdown have been shaping, remembering their past life, perhaps from childhood onward, what decisions have shaped their character; those people who have had a major impact on their life. Do you wish to explore your childhood only in your memoir or from childhood to the present? Which is your spring board? But, if you’re not sure how to form or edit your story, Your Life, Your Story can guide you. Take the ‘Who, What, Where, When’ as practiced by journalists to heart if beginning to shape your narrative, bringing your own voice to your memoir. Listen to presenter Sarah Gorell’s BBC Sussex at 1 pm when I talk about memoirs and what they matter to family and friends on BBC Sounds (15 March, 2021). If you feel motivated, do contact me, a pleasure to get to know you and your memoir wishes. Carol