June 1st, 2020

Hello, and welcome to my new website, worked on by Jonny Godsmark, my older son, for which many thanks, Jonny, in his home overlooking the Yorkshire Moors in lockdown. Your enforced time at home rather than flying around the world lighting shows has not been in vain.

I hope blog readers who chance upon the website enjoy reading it and I’d be delighted to hear from you. The lockdown has been a boon for those of us writers who are used to solitude and write at home. My office is at the bottom of my town garden by Chichester’s Roman Walls with enough history to write about as well as my current work in finishing Cooking the Books, the first of a crime thriller featuring El, a London restaurant critic with a very peripatetic past lifestyle. The maxim for novelists is ‘write about what you know,’ not necessarily the case as my latest novel, All Change, is based on the lives of those in WWI following a family on both sides of the Channel. I have not been a London bus driver heading off with his red livery double decker bus to the Western Front nor a man but I was a restaurant critic for 20 years and wrote a weekly column for the Portsmouth News, part of the Johnston Press, and a weekly cookery/interview column. Previously too I was a chef-restaurateur in West Sussex, running the business from an old farmhouse on the outskirts of Petworth, Soanes finding its way into all the major guide books including the Michelin, The Good Food Guide and the AA Guide. Writing Cooking the Books brings back a lot of memories combined with imagination, my central character always looking over her shoulder due to her past life. More to come in the next blog on a variety of subjects. Keep in touch!