‘We have, each of us, a life story, whose continuity, whose sense, is our lives.’ Oliver Sacks

“Hi Carol, Thank you so much I am delighted with how the book has turned out. It really looks so good. I just wanted you t0 know how thrilled I am. “

Your life story is unique. It captures the essence of who you are and what you have seen, and experienced over the years.

Too often, we’re too busy to sit down with family and friends to share stories and memories. And then, suddenly, it’s too late and there are regrets: ‘Why did we never ask about that?’.

Now, there’s a way of capturing your story so that it can be shared. Carol Godsmark is a journalist with 25 years of experience in talking to people and telling their stories.  The author of a number of books, she will help you to write your autobiography. She’ll talk to you face to face, current distancing guidelines taken into account, discussing what you’d like to include in your life story and looking at photographs that you might want to include.

As we work together, what matters to you will unfold: what has shaped you, what challenges you faced and your successes. Carol will guide you through the enjoyable process, including working on your memoir’s design. She will then write your story and arrange for it to be published privately to give to your family and friends, either in professionally published hardback or paperback. A memoir doesn’t always have to document the lives of individuals or families. It could be the story of a company you’ve set up, the ups and downs of a business just as intriguing as a life story,

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Your Story. Told by You. Written by Carol

Memoirs explore the concept of truth as seen through your eyes. Think of the people who have meant something to you as characters. A great memoir will pull your readers into your life: what has shaped you, what you found challenging at different times of your life, your successes. What matters to you will unfold in your memoir. Carol will guide you through the enjoyable process to achieve your objective including working on your memoir’s title and design.

Quotes: ‘Every minute of creating my memoir was rewarded by the deep appreciation of my family when they received the finished project.’

My grandchildren, who were the reason for my project, love my memoir! My own adult children also have enjoyed finding out about my life and experiences which they had not asked about and now they understand more the real me.’

Doing a collaboration on my memoir has possibly been the biggest factor of my rehabilitation. It got my brain going again. It has joined the history of the past with the present and, hopefully, the future.’

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