Will I see the book before it is published?

You have complete control over the content of your book. I provide professional writing and editing but you will always have the final say. We do this through several reviews before going to print.

How long does the process take?

The time it takes to create your book depends on the length of your story. After the interviews, the writing to print process takes between 8 -10 weeks.

I originally signed up for the Compact, but I’ve found my story to be longer, and wish to upgrade. Is this possible?

Of course

Can I include other family members in the interviewing process?

Of course, but please bear in mind that additional complexity might incur additional costs.

Can it be written in the third person?

Of course

Is it possible to give either The Compact or The Prime as a present?

Of course, gifts are also transferable. Should they wish not to take advantage, a full refund can be issued.


All interviews are held in the strictest of confidence, all writing is only shared between Carol and the interviewee. No copies of the book are published, apart from the ones that are sent to you. Once the book is published, all notes and copies of the work are deleted.

How can I pay?

You can pay online, by bank transfer.  You can find our bank details on the invoice that we’ll send you after our discussion on which package you would prefer.

You can either pay upfront in full, or in two equal instalments.

We don’t need to charge VAT for our UK customers. 

There are no extra shipping costs on top of the prices shown on the website, unless you order a large number of extra copies. Should the query you have does not feature in FAQs, please contact Carol

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