How do we write your story?

Carol’s skills include being a practised good listener and interviewer, she is personable, patient, open-minded and has had many life changes herself to help to understand yours.

Carol defines memoir as writing from one aspect of your life for your book and autobiography as writing your life’s story (but leave out what you wish). Either is not about what you did but about what you did with it.

The informal interview process is not just a series of questions and answers. It is an in-depth conversation that covers the moments of your life you wish to include.

 Choose Photographs and Other Documentary Evidence to enhance your memoir.  

Carol will edit the final draft will ensure that spelling, names, stories, etc, are clear and consistent. She will also flag any areas that may need a little more information from you to include.

The task of printing your book is overseen by Carol who works with specialists skilled in both traditional and modern printing methods.

The Four steps to achieve a book of your life story:

1. Interviews

If you decide to commission Your Life, Your Story to write your memoir or autobiography, Carol will meet you in a place convenient to you (normally at home) and chat to you about your life, recording the conversations and bearing in mind government distancing guidelines.

2. Writing

Carol will transform your memories into a well-crafted narrative. Your story will typically be written in the first person and will read as though you have put pen to paper. In other words, in your own voice, not the voice of the writer. Once your book has been written and edited, Carol will send you the first draft and make any amendments or additions before we proceed to the next stage.

3. Layout

When you are satisfied with the content of your book, Carol will help you to select a number of photographs to be included in the professionally printed copies. We will then typeset your book. You will then have the opportunity to read your autobiography or memoir again to make sure that you are completely happy with the look and content of your book before  being printed.

4. Printing As many copies you have wished to order will then be delivered to your door.  

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